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Y&M Advisors was founded in 2012 to offer cutting-edge services in essentially for Fintechs and Insurtechs.

Recently, Y&M has been consulting in cryptocurrencies, bridging the gap between the traditional structured finance and the blockchain technology. We deliver technical content and actionable solutions in the CeFi and DeFi sectors.

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How do we advise our clients?

Cryptocurrency Structured Products

Deep dive into Structured Investment Products on Cryptocurrencies. We advise on the implementation and hedging of Investment products that originated from traditional finance.

Algorithmic Trading

Consulting and Algorithmic Design of Market-making and Cash-and-Carry trading bots. Design of a systematic solutions across DeFi and CeFi sectors.

Data Science

We designed an NLP Recsys for an Edtech client. The engine recommends daily educational content for the app's users. We used mainly Python's scikit-learn, and proprietary scrapers and algos for dimensionality reduction.

Machine learning

We advise on the latest machine learning techniques with tailord applications in both investment and industry.

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